Welcome to another update to HRWC’s Change Makers.

Monthly update imageChange Makers are residents who have chosen to become a voice for the Huron River and its watershed by becoming involved in their local governments to encourage watershed-friendly land use planning and practices.

  • Advanced Change Makers Session coming up! February 21: “How to Review your Master Plan.” Stay tuned for more details
  • Salem Township has just published their draft revised master plan.  If you are a resident, take a look and use the worksheets provided in Land Use for a Healthy Watershed to submit your comments!
  • There is still time to give your feedback on the draft master plans for the cities of Wixom and Dexter, and Northfield, Hamburg, and Ypsilanti townships.
  • Save the Date!  MSU’s Water School is coming to the NEW Center!  HRWC will be co-hosting the 2-day course, May 13 – 14, at the NEW Center. Experts from MSU Extension will delve deep into all the topics we only have time to touch upon at the Boot Camp.

Thank you!

Kris and Jason