There are many new opportunities to protect the Huron River and clean water.

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Represent your community on HRWC’s Board

Calling all Change Makers from Wayne County, Barton Hills, Belleville, Brighton, Rockwood, Walled Lake, Wixom, Wolverine Lake, or Genoa, Van Buren, or White Lake townships. You can represent your community on HRWC’s Board of Directors and help advance our mission!

The “Council” part of HRWC is made up of local governments that have land within the watershed and that are members of HRWC. A representative appointed by the local government attends quarterly board meetings, annual meetings, and otherwise act as a liason between their municipality and HRWC.

HRWC provides water resource information and research services to member governments. We can help with water quality issues, land use, groundwater, hydrology, lake management, wetland protection, stormwater management and other related topics. HRWC staff also review and comment on activities likely to affect water resources and advise member governments on lake and river management.

Contact our Executive Director, Rebecca Esselman, at (734) 769-5123 or email her to inquire about how to become a board member.

What if your community is in the watershed but is not a member of HRWC?

Change Makers communities that are not members of HRWC can contact Rebecca Esselman, at (734) 769-5123 or email her to inquire about your local government becoming a member. Annual membership dues for townships, cities, and villages are assessed at a rate of $0.10 per capita of residents who live within the boundaries of the watershed. Find out here if your community is a member.

Get your community ready for renewables

Do you want to put solar panels on your roof but are unsure about your community’s building code? Would you like to see your community do more to make the transition to green energy? Let your community know that up to $25,000 of grant funding is available through the State of Michigan Department of Energy for use in updating local plans and ordinances for renewable energy. The 2023 Grant Cycle Opens January-May 31, 2023 or until funds are totally committed. Email Jessica Crawford with any questions.

Are YOU ready for renewables?

The Inflation Reduction Act instituted a host of financial incentives including tax credits, discounts and rebates for home and vehicle updates for the green energy transition. The White House’s Clean Energy for All website offers a clear, straightforward guide on what’s available if you want to install rooftop solar, make your home and appliances more energy efficient, replace your air conditioner or furnace, or buy an electric vehicle.

An assignment for all Change Makers!

As you all know, local governments are required to update their master plans every five (5) years. Some time ago, we created this spreadsheet that lists every local government, the date of their current plan, and the date they should start (or should have started) revising and updating it.

Please take a look at the spreadsheet, find your community’s master plan, and update the years we have in the spreadsheet.  You can email me any needed updates you identify.

Thank you!

Kris and Jason

Change Makers provide a voice for the Huron River and its watershed by becoming involved in their local governments to encourage water protection.