Find insects, crayfish and other small river creatures in the Huron River.>

Join the Huron River Watershed Council’s River RoundUp: Saturday, April 21.

Roundup Volunteer searching for critters. by Alison Battersby
Roundup Volunteer searching for critters. by Alison Battersby

Bring a small team with your friends and family, or join others, for a unique activity in the Huron River Roundup. Collect a sample of the bugs and other creatures (benthic macroinvertebrates) that live in our streams.  Like canaries in a coal mine, these creatures tell us how healthy the river and creeks are.

Trained volunteer collectors take you to two stream sites, where you help search through stones, leaves, and sediment. The amount of life in our fresh water is amazing.  Volunteers meet in Ann Arbor and then go to two sites; one may be near their home.  You must register early to be assigned to a team.

Children are welcome to attend with their own adult.

WHERE: Meet in Ann Arbor. Then car pool to two streams in Livingston, Oakland, Wayne and/or Washtenaw Counties.

WHEN: Two times: April 21; 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM, or 10:30 AM to 5 PM

DEADLINE: Registration closes April 16


First Time volunteer? Fill out this form: /volunteer/registration-for-first-time-volunteers/

Roundup event registration form: /volunteer/roundup/register-for-river-roundup/