ABC was Awesome; How Bout a Beer at Blue?

Last week we had an amazing outing in the game room at ABC. Renee Greff spoke on the process that ABC and Corner Brewery are going through to implement a number of green building projects. And of course, Bill Gerds made a fantastic Blackberry Blond, which was enjoyed by many!

This Thursday, September 8, starting at 4:00 pm, join HRWC staff and supporters at Blue Tractor, which is located at 207 East Washington in downtown Ann Arbor.  Tim Schmidt has brewed up a Huron River Celebration Russian Imperial Stout. While there are many types of stouts and historically any beer could be brewed “stout” (meaning strong), the Russian Imperial is typically the most “stout” often ringing in around 9% alcohol by volume. Of course this higher alcohol content was done not for the drinker, but to ensure the beer survived the cold weather in transport from England through Russia. This is the Tractor’s first Imperial, so Tim notes, “We’re excited to try the beer and share it with everyone!”

50% of the proceeds of the Imperial will benefit HRWC. If the brew is a bit too stout for you, consider buying a mug club membership, as 10% of each membership sold on Thursday will also benefit HRWC!

If you’ve been to all five of the Brew events we’ll be pulling from a hat the winners of the Brew Passport at 7:30 pm.

See you on Thursday!