The Washtenaw County Conservation District, a wonderful peer organization to HRWC, has an annual tree and native plant sale. This is a great opportunity to buy get into natives or purchase small saplings in bulk!

WCCD Tree Sale

Concolor Fir
Concolor Fir

If you want to plant trees this fall for such conservation purposes as windbreaks and screens, stormwater management, wildlife habitat, erosion control or reforestation, the Washtenaw County Conservation District is conducting a fall tree sale.  Orders will be accepted through September 27, 2013 with tree pick-up scheduled for October 11, 2013.

Tree species available this fall include: concolor fir, red pine, white pine, blue spruce, Norway spruce and white spruce.  These are three or four year-old bare-root transplants which can be ordered in several quantities.  Also available are marking flags, fertilizer tablets, root dip moisture absorbent, Green Screen and Plantskydd animal repellents and Mosquito Barrier garlic concentrate to repel mosquitoes.

Information and order forms can be obtained from the Conservation District office, 7203 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor; on the District web site, (click on the Order Trees Now! link on the home page), or by e-mail or mail upon request.  For more information, contact the Conservation District at: (734) 761-6721 ext. 5.