Intrepid intern Erin Burkett will go anywhere to complete a field assessment!

HRWC capped off another successful field season for our Bioreserve Project.  Trained volunteers assessed 48 properties throughout the watershed, including sensitive fens, wooded swamps, lake shores, and oak-hickory forests.  This year, we partnered with Legacy Land Conservancy to focus efforts on Webster township natural areas; we surveyed 18 properties in the northern Webster Township area, which is a high priority area according to Legacy’s Strategic Conservation Plan.  We also surveyed two of Livingston Land Conservancy’s nature preserves, a sensitive fen in Genoa Township and a lowland forest and wetland along Round Lake, in Hartland Township.

The reports from the assessments help landowners make decisions about managing their land for invasive species control, and it gives conservancies detailed information that helps target their efforts at permanent protection of the highest quality properties.

THANK YOU to the 37 volunteers who hiked through forest, swamp and field this summer.

And a special THANKS and GOOD LUCK to our summer intern, Erin Burkett, who has returned to finish her masters degree at University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment!

Volunteer Jeff Campbell accesses a wetland from Little Portage Lake.