www.a2energy.org, a call to action.

The City of Ann Arbor recently launched a comprehensive online information hub to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy to city residents and businesses. Developed jointlywww.a2energy.org by the City’s Energy Office and local nonprofit Clean Energy Coalition, www.a2energy.org will serve as the primary source of energy-related information for local homeowners, landlords and renters, as well as commercial property owners.

In addition to being a source of information, research and knowledge, a2energy.org will assist citizens in understanding what actions they can take to reduce their energy usage, which partners they can rely on for advice as well as project assistance and where they can obtain financial assistance for energy efficiency as well as renewable energy upgrades to homes and businesses.

Info for Commercial Property Owners

One highlight of a2energy.org is detailed information on Ann Arbor’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program – launched Oct. 3, 2011 – which makes special assessments available to commercial and industrial customers that wish to make energy-related improvements to their business  properties. The “commercial owner” section of a2energy.org features eligibility information, project requirements, a complete PACE program report and an application package available for download.

Info for Homeowners, Landlords Renters

While the commercial section focuses on opportunities available via the PACE program, the residential component highlights the importance of taking simple, relatively inexpensive actions, starting with sealing air leaks in homes and adding attic insulation. For residents who have already completed these basic weatherization steps, additional information is available on more advanced activities such as replacing heating/cooling systems with high-efficiency appliances or installing renewable energy equipment.

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