Poetry Reading by 5th and 6th graders

I went to a poetry reading of 5th and 6th graders from the Open School at Mack in Ann Arbor.  To my surprise, a 5th grader, Leika, stood up and read her poem, “The Huron River”.

Birds singing

Water rushing

People talking

Enjoying the Huron River

Wind in the trees

Leaves rustling

Foot steps

Dogs barking

Cars zooming on the road


Laughing people

Canoe paddles skimming the water

The ground is wet

The scent of rotten leaves

It looks colorful

The squish squash, squish squash of my shoes.

That is the huron river.

Thanks for sharing this with me and us, Leika.  It is a beautiful poem and I can just picture the setting.

Thanks also to Mike Derhammer and Scott Beal for their classroom support.