Adopt-A-Stormdrain Details

Adoption of storm drains can really help your community as a whole. Keeping storm drains clear and clean keeps our water ways clear, decease our drinking water safe and our community cleaner as a whole.

Anyone can adopt a stormdrain!

  • Property and home owners
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Conservation organizations
  • Churches
  • Scouting programs
  • College students
  • Concerned citizens

The Adopt-A-Stormdrain program will provide you with:

A kit for check-out that contains any tools or equipment you may need.

  • Stormdrain marking/stenciling kit
  • Rake, shovel, dustpan
  • Trash bags
  • Gloves
  • Safety vest
  • Educational resources
  • An inspection checklist

How to take care of your adopted storm drain:


  • Label storm drain clearly with inlet marker or stencil provided to you.
  • Remove and dispose of leaves and garbage from the drain opening weekly (April through December).
    • Leaves and sticks can be composted or bagged for pick-up by your community compost program.
    • Recyclables and garbage should be disposed of through your recycling and garbage collection programs.
    • Call respective authorities to report problems with drain, if drain appears;
      • Clogged
      • Broken
      • Or not working in any other way.
      • Call 800-922-4706 if there is;
        • Illegal dumping
          • Waste
          • Pollutants
          • Make sure to keep the Adopt-A-Storm drain updated of your efforts and how your adopted storm drain is holding up!

Take care that you DO NOT:

  • Remove the grate from the drain opening.
  • Remove dead animals. Instead call animal control.
  • Remove hazardous materials like syringes. Call  9-1-1 to notify.
  • Leave bags with raked leaves near the drain.

Start the adoption process NOW!

  • Complete HRWC’s First Time Volunteer Form if you have never worked with HRWC
  • Submit our Adopt-A-Stormdrain Sign Up Form (include the location of your stormdrain)
  • Get confirmation from HRWC along with instructions and resources
  • Once your adoption is confirmed, give us a status update on how your stormdrain(s) is doing

Adopt-A-Stormdrain Further Resources

  • Find available program forms (sign up, reporting, request for supplies, release/waiver) HERE!
  • Report your Adoption! After you work on your stormdrain, tell HRWC that you did it.

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