Protect Natural Areas

Help the Huron River watershed protect the remaining natural areas in the watershed

To protect the Huron’s vital natural areas, store the Huron River Watershed Council has launched the Bioreserve Project,  which…

  • has created a Bioreserve Map of these remaining natural areas;
  • is helping local governments, conservancies, and state and county agencies to prioritize limited funding to preserve the best natural areas first;
  • is working with local governments to develop policies to protect natural areas;
  • is providing information to natural area landowners to help them manage and maintain there natural areas; and
  • is organizing volunteer teams to perform field assessments on these natural areas.  If you like to get outdoors and learn about ecology, join us!

Get Involved

 Here’s a great chance to get outdoors, see beautiful natural areas, and conduct real science to help the Huron. Our volunteer teams  travel to natural areas in the watershed, where they assess the area’s environmental quality. This information helps us understand which areas are most important to preserve, and why, so that we can give helpful advice to governments and landowners who want to help protect the Huron River.”

A volunteer team assesses a bioreserve site.A volunteer team assesses a bioreserve site.


Plant ID experts needed

Project details

Bioreserve Map

Information for natural area landowners

Information for local communities

Information for conservancies


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