Rain Barrel Sale

Rain Barrel with plants

Rain Barrel planter.

Hosted by the City of Ann Arbor, the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner, the Huron River Watershed Council, the Washtenaw County Road Commission, Barton Hills Village and Great Lakes Rain Barrel.

Thank you for coming to our H2O Hero Rain Barrel Sale page and to everyone who purchased a rain barrel and picked it up on May 18! The sale is now closed.

85% Recycled Edition Charcoal

85% Recycled

If you preordered a rain barrel and didn’t get to the pick up on May 18 at the Washtenaw County Road Commission Offices, you will need to contact Great Lakes Rain Barrel at (248)477-3242 to make arrangements to get your rain barrel from their Livonia location.

Thank you to Great Lakes Rain Barrel for a successful sale and distribution and for their support!

For questions contact, Pam Labadie, plabadie@hrwc.org, (734) 769-5123 x 602.

If you missed the sale completely, the two featured rain barrels are still available at: www.greatlakesrainbarrel.com.

The 85% Recycled RainStation in Charcoal
(65 gallon capacity)

Classic Edition Granite

Classic Edition Granite

The Granite Classic Edition RainStation
(65 gallon capacity)

  • Both barrels come with a diverter and all parts needed for installation.
  • Spigot will be plastic instead of brass as shown in photos.
  • Both barrels can be used as a planter.

Rain Barrels Reduce Pollution and Prevent Flooding! You Save Water, Energy and Money!

When heavy rain and snowmelt wash over your yard and pavement, pollutants such as pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil and dirt hitch a ride and head for the Huron River through the nearest storm drain. Unfiltered, untreated!

Rain barrels collect rainwater runoff from rooftops and allow you to direct it to gardens and lawns where it can be infiltrated by plants and soil instead of washing over pavement.

Rain barrels also slow the rapid flow of water that enters the Huron during heavy rains, helping to prevent volatile fluctuations that cause erosion.

Watering your garden and lawn takes up 40% of your household water during the summer. Using water from your rain barrel is free!

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