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We believe that to better our environment and community surrounding the Huron River Watershed our community as a whole must come together. To do this we have to learn and the best time to learn how to protect our environment is in our youth. Due to this belief we at Huron River Watershed Council we pride ourselves in our work with public school systems around the Huron River Watershed Council, and our volunteer ability to students of all ages.

Field activities and in-class projects for Elementary and High Schools

  • What do bugs tell us about water quality? What do bugs tell us about water quality?
  • What do bugs tell us about water quality? What do bugs tell us about water quality?
  • What do bugs tell us about water quality? What do bugs tell us about water quality?

HRWC can assist with:

  • The selection, scoping, and planning of water quality activities.
  • The development of detailed plans, selection of a site, pre-activity in-class talks, and the development of equipment lists and work/data sheets for projects.
  • Streamside hands-on field work such as stream and habitat visual assessment; stream mapping; flow measurements; benthic macroinvertebrate collection, identification, and interpretation;  pH and temperature measurements; nitrate, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen determinations.
  •  Lab work such as turbidity measurements, identification of benthic macroinvertebrates, dissolved oxygen and nitrate analyses, and interpretation of water quality from benthic macroinvertebrate data.
  • Classroom presentations. Volunteers are available for classroom presentations and demonstrations on watershed ecology and on water resources and quality. (Keep in mind that while we may be quite knowledgeable about the subject matter, we are not trained and experienced teachers at your students’ level.  We need information ahead of time about the curriculum unit you are working on and about your class.  This will help us give a presentation focused on your class’s needs and delivered at an appropriate level.)

Want to get involved with HRWC?

  • If you are a teacher and would like assistance with your water quality activities, please read this document first.
  • To arrange for a program of activities matched to your students’ age and interests, or to volunteer to help with the streamside or classroom activities, please contact Jason Frenzel, HRWC Volunteer Coordinator at jfrenzel@hrwc.org or 734-769-5123 x600.

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Toyota provides substantial financial support to HRWC to run our K-12 education program




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