Education and Stewardship

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Other Education and Stewardship Programs

HRWC works to inspire change in attitudes and actions of the residents of the Huron River Watershed.  Our goal is to show residents that their actions can make a difference for the watershed, both positively and negatively!

Adopt-a-Stream Adopt-A-Stream is a long term river and creek  volunteer monitoring program.  People participating in Adopt-a-Stream visit healthy and unhealthy streams and rivers as they monitor a variety of parameters.  The program teaches participants about the negative impacts that humans can have on a natural river systems.
Adopt-a-Stormdrain Join your neighbors who are keeping their stormdrains for rain only by removing leaves and other debris in the spring, summer, and fall months.
Bioreserve The Bioreserve Project assesses and protects the remaining natural areas in the watershed.  Volunteers collect data during field studies of private and public properties; HRWC uses the data to work with local communities, conservancies, and natural area property landowners to protect and restore natural areas.
Huron River Water Trail HRWC is facilitating an effort to develop a water trail that creating linkages from city to village, improves recreational access to the river, adds interpretive, way-finding, and historical signage, , and creates economic development opportunities. Our aim is to reconnect communities in Oakland, Livingston, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties to the Huron River.
MiCorps MiCorps is a statewide program administered by HRWC and several partners.   Through MiCorps, interested volunteers across the state have the opportunity to learn water monitoring techniques and experience and appreciate Michigan’s freshwater resources!
Middle Huron Initiative A voluntary partnership of local governments and agencies that plans and implements activities to reduce phosphorus sources in the middle section of the watershed. Activities include monitoring and a variety of pollution reduction activities.
Millers Creek Rainwater Project HRWC worked with neighborhood residents in northeast Ann Arbor in implementing low-impact development techniques, such as rain gardens and rain barrels, in order to stabilize a flashy urban stream.
River Scouts River Scouts are a group of novice to experienced paddlers who learn about the river, paddle the river together throughout the summer, clean up the river’s scenic river section, and communicate their river observations to HRWC and the Natural Rivers Program staff.
RiverUp! HRWC partners with business and community leaders on this initiative meant to spark a river renaissance by investing in river recreation, local economic development, and improving the ecological health of the river.
Saving Water Saves Energy In an effort to begin both mitigating and adapting to climate change the Masco Corporation Foundation and HRWC have launched a 3-year project to develop and disseminate a home “Saving Water Saves Energy” campaign and toolkit for distribution to households in Southeast Michigan and for use by HRWC business partners as well as watershed organizations across the country.
Woody Debris Clearing Woody debris in creeks and rivers is essential habitat for bugs and animals. However it sometimes impedes recreational uses and can pose hazards for other human uses. Balancing these needs when removing log jams and snags is critical.



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