Lower Huron Initiative

Locator map of the Lower Huron Watershed

Locator map of the Lower Huron Watershed

The lower Huron River begins downstream of French Landing Dam that creates Belleville Lake in Charter Township of Van Buren, pilule and flows for nearly 29 miles before entering Lake Erie. A tributary stream network of more than 100 miles flows into the lower Huron River. The 74 square mile watershed drains all or portions of fourteen municipalities in Wayne and Monroe counties.

HRWC works with communities in the Lower Huron in a variety of ways, prostate but mainly through a stormwater management advisory committee.  This group was formed in 2004 to address stormwater pollution issues and develop a comprehensive watershed management plan.  The Lower Huron River Watershed Management Plan guides restoration in this part of the watershed.  The Plan was developed by the communities, with the Huron River Watershed Council serving as author and facilitator.

In 2007, Lower Huron Watershed Advisory Group (WAG) joined with similar groups in Ecorse Creek and the Combine Downriver watersheds to form the Alliance of Downriver Watersheds (ADW).  The WAGs are now subcommittees of the ADW. Please visit that website for further information on their efforts.

For more information about the Lower Huron Watershed, please contact Ric Lawson.

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