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Contact Numbers

If you have questions or concerns at any time during your monitoring event, please contact Ric or Stevi at the following numbers:

Ric: 734-769-5123 x609 (office)
734-330-0508 (cell)
Stevi: 734-769-5123 x613 (office)
248-767-5809 (cell)


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Sampling Schedule and Sign-up

From April through September, monitoring is scheduled for the Middle Huron program (MH) in Wastenaw County and the Alliance of Downriver Watersheds (ADW) in Wayne County on alternating weeks. Below is a list of date/time slots and links for signing up to volunteer. If you did not attend the classroom training or have not had field training, please contact Stevi at skosloskey@hrwc.org prior to signing up.

April 4 – 8 (MH) (Easter is April 5)
April 12 – 16 (ADW)
April 18 – 22 (MH)
April 26 – 30 (ADW)
May 2 – 6 (MH)
May 10 – 14 (ADW)
May 16 – 20 (MH)
May 24 – May 28 (ADW) (Memorial Day Week)
May 30 – June 3 (MH)
June 7 – 11 (ADW)
June 13 – 17 (MH)
June 21 – 25 (ADW)
June 27 – July 1 (MH)
(4th of July Break)
July 12 – 16 (ADW)
July 18 – 22 (MH)
July 26 – 30 (ADW)
August 1 – 5 (MH)
August 9 – 13 (ADW)
August 15 – 19 (MH)
August 23 – 27 (ADW)
August 29 – Sept 2 (MH)
September 6 – 10 (ADW) (Labor Day Week)
September 12 – 16 (MH)
September 20 – 24 (ADW)


The week 9 Middle Huron/Washtenaw County schedule is as follows:

Date Time Site(s) Volunteer Samplers
Saturday May 30 10 AM MH03-Honey Creek, MH04-Allens Creek (Leader Slot Open), Alison King, kimberly lapworth, Josh Hemperly
Saturday May 30 3 PM Traver Creek-MH05B, TC01*, TC02* (Leader Slot Open), Lauren Eaton, Summer Roberts, Magda Herkhof
Sunday May 31 11 AM MH02B-Mill Creek, BC01-Boyden Creek (Leader slot open), Danielle Tanzer, Liz Whiddon, Josh Hemperly
Monday June 1 5 PM MH07-Malletts Creek, MH08B-Millers Creek (Leader slot open), C. Daniel Myers, Mary Bajcz, (Volunteer slot open)
Tuesday June 2 1:30 PM Swift Run-MH09, SR03*, SR04* Larry Scheer (L), Niklas Povilunas, Rowena Conahan, Gianna Petito
Tuesday June 2 5 PM MH11-Huron River (Leader slot open), Kyle Nowels, Katy Wallander, Theresa Carranza
Wednesday June 3 1:30 PM MH01-Huron River Danni Gray-Linhart (L), Lauren Marsiglia, Sheila Schueller, Rita Clinthorne
Wednesday June 3 5 PM Fleming Creek-MH06, FC06* Jayme Evans (L), Otho Ulrich, Jaclyn Klein, Christina Pechette

*Investigative sites
(L) Leader


The week 8 Alliance of Downriver Watersheds/Wayne County schedule is as follows:

Date Time Site(s) Volunteer Samplers
Sunday May 24 12 PM ADW08-Silver Creek, ADW09-Smith Creek Ron Fadoir (L), Christine Knight, (2 volunteer slots open)
Monday May 25 (DAY/TIME CHANGE) 2:30 PM N. Branch Ecorse Creek-ADW05, ADW19* Stevi Kosloskey (L), (3 volunteer slots open)
Monday May 25 5:30 PM ADW01-Frank & Poet, ADW02-Blakely Creek Stevi Kosloskey (L), C. Daniel Myers, (2 Volunteer slots open)
Tuesday May 26 5:30 PM ADW06-Woods Creek, ADW22*-Hale Creek Anne Tavalire (L), Karlee Harding, Jorrie Davis, (Volunteer slot open)
Wednesday May 27 5:30 PM Brownstown Creek-ADW03, ADW21* (Leader slot open), Christine Knight, (2 volunteer slots open)
Thursday May 28 10 AM S. Branch Ecorse Creek-ADW04, ADW20* Larry Scheer (L), Susan Thompson, Jorrie Davis, (Volunteer slot open)

*Investigative sites
(L) Leader

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