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What do River Scouts do?

1. Serve as eyes and ears on the river.  Identify problems:

  • Soil erosion: what is soil erosion? How do I report soil erosion? Review our soil erosion presentation from 2012 and the Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Act.
  • Wetlands: Naturalize your shoreline with help from The Waters Edge and Natural Shorelines. How do I help my community view 4561,7-135-3313_3687-24312–,00.html” target=”_blank”>create a local wetlands ordinance? Review our Wetlands presentation from 2012 and learn more about wetland regulations.
  • Litter: If you see small amounts of litter, please pick them up.  If you see larger areas that are good for a “clean-up”, please email Jason at jfrenzel@hrwc.org with details on where and approximate size.
  • Unusual color, odor, algae.  For an introduction, please see the Huron River Report, summer 2005. If you think you see a spill or emergency, please call 911 or the MDEQ hotline.
  • Excessive clearing.  In the Natural River Section of the Huron, please review the guidelines.  Outside of the Natural River Section, call your local government to check if there are tree or buffer ordinances.
  • Dumping or filling in river, wetland, or floodplain.  For permit questions, the MDEQ is organized by districts.  for the Jackson district, call James Sallee at…. for the SouthEast Michigan/Detroit district call Andrew Hartz at, and for the Lansing District call
  • Large die-off of fish. If you notice a large number of dead fish or other aquatic creatures you call contact the MDNR fisheries Department, Jeff Braunscheidel, or Paul Steen at HRWC at psteen@hrwc.org.
  • Anything else unusual or problematic

2. Steward the river and creeks.

  • Report issues
  • Investigate problem
  • When appropriate, follow up on reporting or remedy problem
  • Organize a clean-up
  • Get your friends and neighbors involved
  • Engage your local government
  • HRWC staff wants to know about your progress and the problems.  Please send us a brief summary of the problem and progress.  If you hit a roadblock or get stuck, please email Jason at jfrenzel@hrwc.org

3. Sign up to be a River Scout and attend our ongoing trainings, paddles, and cleanups. For more information contact Jason Frenzel at jfrenzel@hrwc.org

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