Land Use Planning

From Watershed Management Planning to Adopt-A-Stream, all of HRWC’s programs continually address the issue of land use planning. It may seem odd that an organization focused on river protection gets involved in land use planning, but it is necessary because every activity that takes place on the land in the Huron Watershed affects the health of the Huron River, its tributaries, and wetlands.

HRWC’s Key Message, which we convey in all our programs, is:

“To maintain the Huron River watershed’s health in the face of increased population, we must change current patterns of development by encouraging higher density where infrastructure already exists, and holding onto our natural areas so they can continue to provide the ecological services necessary to maintain quality of water, air, land, and life.”

In short, we need to:

1) Preserve natural areas, and

2) Consume land efficiently.

Further Resources:

How development impacts the watershed

How you can help your community preserve natural areas and consume land efficiently

Ordinances and policies local communities can use to preserve natural areas and consume land efficiently

Smart Growth publications from HRWC

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