Bioreserve Plant Photo Stream!

What IS this plant?

Bioreserve Assessors!  And other plant enthusiasts!

Here’s a new tool for you when you are out on an assessment for HRWC’s Bioreserve Project and find a plant you just can’t identify.  HRWC’s Flicker photo stream includes collections of photos of all the plants assessors have identified on all past assessments.  Chances are, someone else in the Huron watershed has also seen your mystery plant.

When you get to the Flickr photo stream, look for the Bioreserve collections on the right side of the page.  You can browse through the stream until you see your plant, or, you can look at the all plants we have found in wetlands, in forests, or in grasslands. You can even search all the plants with “alternate”  or “opposites” leaves, or white or red flowers, or other characteristics.

Give it a try.  you can also leave comments for photos.

This is a new tool, and we are new to Flickr, so if you find any errors or improvements needed, or, if you’d like to add a plant, let us know by emailing Kris.

Thanks to Emily Provonsha, who spent the summer gathering photos for these plants and creating this Flickr stream, and to Tricia Jones and Maurita Holland, who are constantly adding photos and descriptions!

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