Ann Arbor Mayor's Green Fair 2013Help us make Stormdrain Art!

Friday, June 12, 6-8pm at the Ann Arbor Mayor’s Green Fair.

Join us at the intersection of Liberty and Main to show the stormdrain connection to the Huron River. Ann Arbor artist and educator Jennifer Wolf will lead a crowd-sourced chalk art project. We provide the chalk, you bring the creativity! We’re also seeking volunteers to work alongside Jennifer and HRWC staff to greet and recruit participation.

Contact Pam at plabadie@hrwc.org if you can help.

Keep your stormdrains for rain only by removing leaves and other debris in the spring, summer, and fall months.

Volunteer with HRWC’s Adopt-A-Stormdrain program to help keep our lakes, rivers, and streams free of runoff pollution. Sign up now! The program will be limited to neighborhood  streets having a speed limit of 25 mph or less.

What is the stormdrain connection?

We depend on stormdrains and sewers, drainage ditches and culverts to keep our streets from flooding during storms. Yet, these devices also direct polluted and untreated rainwater straight into our local waterways.

Over 50% of the pollution that impacts our water supply occurs when rains or snowmelts — called runoff — wash over land and carry contaminants from our everyday activities into the nearest waterway. Things like phosphorus in lawn fertilizers, pesticides, spilled household cleaners or auto fluids, pet waste, road salt, and more, qualify as pollutants.

Much of an urban stream’s water comes directly from roads and sidewalks. HRWC’s Adopt-A-Stormdrain program is an effort to restore urban and suburban streams by encouraging residents to act as river stewards, right in their own neighborhoods!

Why adopt a stormdrain?

Adopting a stormdrain benefits both the river and our local neighborhoods. You will help keep our communities litter-free and more attractive. You will also prevent garbage, leaves, and debris from entering our local waterways through our stormwater drainage systems.

Communities with residents who care for their stormdrains have reduced the occurrence of illegal dumping and prevent substances such as oil, grease, and car soap from entering our rivers.

What else can you do?

From disposing of prescription drugs through a ”take back” program or choosing phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer, to picking up pet waste or maintaining your septic system, there are many ways to make a difference. Here are a few of our favorites.

Prevent Water Pollution
Capture, Infiltrate and Clean Rainwater
Save Water, Save Energy

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Donate to HRWC
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