Special Events

HRWC's Suds on the River 2009

HRWC’s Suds on the River 2009

HRWC holds several events every year that bring our volunteers, members, and interested community folk together in order to learn more about our organization and what they can do to help the Huron River.

The following is a list of upcoming events.  Clicking on an event will bring you to a page with more information and details.

Calendar:  Find an event on the HRWC Event Calendar.

Volunteer events:  There is a seperate page of the website for activities in which you can volunteer your time and labor (including water monitoring activities).

River Appreciation Day: Read the wrap up of this event.


Suds on the River: This popular fundraiser features microbreweries of the Huron River Watershed; come to enjoy fun, fellowship, and great brews made with water from the Huron River. This event is held in September.


Archived events:

Single-fly tournament

Rivering at the Ark

Summer event 2014

State of the Huron 2014

Brew on the River. 2013 

Growing Green Infrastructure, 2013

Millers Creek Film Festival


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