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Current Job Openings

There are no current job openings.



HRWC regularly works with interns interested in getting work and field experience.  Currently we have no paid internships.  We will consider unpaid internships and will also work to secure fellowships and scholarships on a case-by-case basis.

Volunteer Positions

Bioreserve Project Volunteer Field Assessment Leader

Position Overview

The Volunteer Field Assessment Leader will assist project director in organizing field assessments of natural areas throughout the Huron watershed (parts of 7 counties in Southeast Michigan), as part of HRWC’s Bioreserve Project. Duties will include:

  • Contacting property owners to obtain permission for volunteer team to assess their property
  • Organizing over 100 volunteers into teams of 3 – 4 to perform assessments of natural areas throughout the spring and summer.
  • Accompanying teams when needed as a team member and/or “plant ID expert.” Each assessment takes about 3 – 4 hours.
  • Creating packets for volunteer teams including assessment forms, GIS maps, instructions, directions, etc.
  • Creating GIS maps for each assessment showing preliminary ecosystem boundaries and suggested route through site
  • Inputting data into ACCESS database and creating reports on each assessment using an ACCESS macro that incorporates data and GIS maps


Must have ability to work independently, a car, excellent interpersonal skills (both email and phone), and have working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs (including ACCESS) and ArcGIS. Ability to identify most woody plants, forbs, and grasses of Michigan would be a great benefit.


Hours: Part-time (10 hours/week)
We are looking for a commitment through the 2015 growing season, with option to return in future years.


The associate will have the following opportunities:

- networking with and access to professionals
- technical learning in GIS, volunteer management, database management, ecology, plant identification

Contact Kris Olsson if you are interested.

Plant Expert

HRWC is looking for a committed volunteer with qualifications and time to help us continue our work in providing field assessments of natural areas as part of our Bioreserve Project.

The Field Assessment Plant Expert would join field assessment teams at least once a week throughout the 2015 field season to perform assessments that each take about 2-4 hours.

HRWC has conducted over 270 field assessments on properties throughout the watershed.  So far, HRWC’s Bioreserve Program has helped conservancies and government preservation programs protect over 1000 acres using data provided by the Bioreserve Map and by field assessments.

We are getting ready to begin a partnership with all the conservancies in the watershed in which we provide field assessments to properties they are targeting for arranging for permanent preservation in priority areas along the Huron River corridor.

Contact Kris Olsson if you are interested.

Green Infrastructure Services Volunteer Associate

Position Overview

The Associate, a volunteer position with HRWC, will assist project director (Kris Olsson) in running Green Infrastructure visioning workshops in local governments throughout the watershed, and in working with those communities on implementing the GI plan and vision through ordinance and policy development.


Must be able to work independently, have experience and knowledge of local government land use planning, a car, excellent interpersonal skills (both email and phone), and have working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs. The ideal candidate would also have ArcGIS background.


Ideally, Associate could commit to work with project director in organizing 1-2 workshops a year, which would include recruiting the local government, scheduling meeting or meetings with government representatives leading up to the workshop, scheduling the workshop, publicizing the workshop, and preparing the workshop presentation, background GIS data and maps, and poster map to be used in the workshop to create Green Infrastructure Vision.

Post workshop, Associate will create a final Green Infrastructure map and document based on the visioning session at the workshop, and present it to the local government.  The Associate will then work with project director to determine next steps in implementing policy changes in that local government to protect and enhance the Green Infrastructure.

Time commitment: 10 hours/week.  We are looking for a commitment of at least a year.


The Associate will have the following opportunities:
- networking with and access to professionals
- technical learning on various fronts (GIS, Green Infrastructure, land use planning, policies, meeting facilitation), water policy

Contact Kris Olsson if you are interested.

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