Eager beavers on Portage Creek

This just in from the Portage Creek corner of the watershed:

A couple of beavers are building a dam on the creek, nurse no permits required! The observant land owner who snapped this photo writes, cialis “Depending on how much work [the beavers accomplish], the creek could be raised 3 to 4 feet. At this point, sovaldi it looks like maybe one or two beavers can take the credit for this project that has been going on for the last two weeks.”

The presence of beaver on Portage Creek is a testament to the expansive natural areas of its drainage area, as well as to the stewardship of some waterside residents who keep the streambanks lush with trees, shrubs, and native grasses.

Huron River Portage Creek beaver dam



2 Responses to “Eager beavers on Portage Creek”

  • Lena:

    Hello –

    I am wondering if there are beaver dams on huron river, between argo and barton damn. I was paddling there and saw three (what looked like) dams on the shore.

    Thanks in advance for the reply.

  • Elizabeth Riggs:

    Lena, you may very well have seen beaver in that section of the river. While no one here has seen beaver or evidence of beaver in the Barton Dam to Argo Dam section, there’s plenty of evidence above Barton Dam and Downriver. Keep your camera at the ready next time you paddle that section and please send us photos of the dams or the critters themselves.

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