Paddling in the moonlight


Sunday night we held one of our most unique paddle trips of the year, Full Moon Paddle. Typically, our paddle trips consist of paddling up or down river, however, this paddle was held on Mill Lake in the Waterloo State Recreation Area. Mill Lake is very calm, quiet, and a beautifully natural lake.

Surrounded by various flora and fauna helped produce a mesmerizing orchestra of sights and sounds under the fading sunlight. With the help of our participating birders; Dea Armstrong, City of Ann Arbor Ornithologist, produced a list of 34 species of birds we encountered on the paddle. Once the sun had receded below the tree line we witnessed our first glimpse of the Full Moon that we were anxiously waiting to see. Paddling around, in awe of the Moon’s luminance we couldn’t help but gaze upward in silence. The shimmering Moon light across the still water produced a surreal view of Mill Lake.

Full Moon Paddlers

Thanks to staff member, Jason Frenzel, we were able to come back to shore with a campfire roaring for us. Thanks to our Huron River guides Barry Lonik and Ron Sell for making sure that each of our paddler’s are safe and the trip’s informative. A special thanks to State Representative Gretchen Driskell for joining us for the Full Moon paddle. Thanks to each participant for made this paddle memorable, including our canine friend who accompanied us.

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2 Responses to “Paddling in the moonlight”

  • Derek Schrader:

    Here is Dea’s list of the birds we encountered:
    American Crow – 4
    American Goldfinch – 5
    American Robin – 4
    Baltimore Oriole – 1
    Barn Swallow – 7
    Black-capped Chickadee – 2
    Blue Jay – 1
    Cedar Waxwing – 3
    Common Grackle – 1
    Common Yellowthroat – 3
    Eastern Kingbird – 8
    Eastern Phoebe – 3
    Gray Catbird – 1
    Great Blue Heron – 4
    Green Heron – 1
    House Finch – 2
    Mallard – 2
    Mourning Dove – 3
    Mute Swan – 3
    Northern Cardinal – 2
    Northern Flicker – 1
    Purple Martin – 8
    Red-eyed Vireo – 1
    Red-winged Blackbird – 4
    Ring-billed Gull – 2
    Ring-necked Pheasant – 1
    Sandhill Crane – 6
    Song Sparrow – 4
    Swamp Sparrow – 3
    Tree Swallow – 3
    Veery – 1
    White-breasted Nuthatch – 1
    Wood Thrush – 2
    Yellow-throated Vireo – 1

  • Emma Kelly:

    Will there be another full moon paddle this fall? I am a student and would love to participate. This sounds lovely!

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