Snow Day Drive

It was a snow day…except for me, I guess. The drive was slushy, and surprisingly loud as globs of slush fell from the trees and power lines on my way to HRWC this morning. It was like being snow-bombed.

But so pretty!

I thi

I think this is just above Dexter-Huron Metropark.


You can see remains of a snow-bomb in the lower left corner of my windshield. This is one of my favorite parts of Huron River Drive.

The Long and Winding Road...to work.

The Long and Winding Road…to work.
















The best part of this morning’s drive – the trees along the ridge look like they have been dusted with powdered sugar. Which, naturally, made me wish for powdered-sugar donuts (or “cruellers”  - pronounced “crullers” – where I grew up in central Pennsylvania). The wishing did not produce any at the office, however.

Slushy but beautiful, coming around the bend at Barton Pond.

Slushy but beautiful, coming around the bend at Barton Pond.

Rebecca Foster

Rebecca Foster is Membership Coordinator for HRWC, working in the development office and on special events. She commutes down Huron River Drive from Pinckney and enjoys the changing seasons of the river.

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